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      MVT Capital was founded with a vision for a more efficient way to invest. Standerdizing the utilization of accurate investment insights granted us to eliminate the common behavioral and emotional errors in decision-making. Technical analysis, science, and discipline are the key driber to investment management.

      MVT Capital’s equities are fundamentally based and designed to profit from the broad characteristics of the equity market by identifying and exploiting changing market themes and multiple dimensions, including stock selection, country and industry allocations, and style tilts. We leverage innovative, tactical processes within our equity process, recognizing that each factor offers a unique set of opportunities. Portfolios can be structured utilizing various risk factor and risk allocation techniques, as well as incorporating risk-hedging elements to protect the portfolio in times of market stress.

      Each day brings a new set of investment opportunities and challenges. Through our diverse espertise in research and wealth management. Our team of analysts work diligently to anticipate and forecast what's next-incorporating collective and coherent technical market insights to assist out clientele at the leading edge of change.

Short Term Positions:

      Short Term equity investments are designed to predict both outperformance as well as underperformance, and when combined with a well-designed investment process can improve upon typical long-only mandates. The goal is to create a substantial increase in gross active exposure, distribute risk more evenly and maximize the ability to short stocks in order to magnify and capture value from underweight positions. Our work in short equities offers new life to the asset class as well as the potential for enhanced risk-adjusted returns. Our long/short equities can also be implemented utilizing innovative portfolio construction techniques aimed at minimizing setbacks.

Mixed Business Assets:

      Mixed-asset or diversified growth strategies have emerged as an ideal investment solution with a goal to deliver equity-like returns with lower volatility. At MVT Capital, our multi-asset solutions seek to offer a better approach to traditional 60/40 (equities/bonds) or diversified growth investments using innovative portfolio construction techniques, including risk parity, smarter beta and risk management, as well as MVT Capital’s proprietary Market Risk Index to dynamically shift the portfolio according to the current market risk environment. Our strategies are offered in the form of absolute return strategies designed to deliver positive long-term returns irrespective of market direction, alternative technical charting strategies which utilize non-traditional methods such as risk-based and risk-factor approaches to garner excess return, and in the form of total return solutions which aim to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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MVT Capital’s diversifying return solutions seek to provide long-term positive returns regardless of market direction and are designed to be truly uncorrelated to an investor’s portfolio, not simply provide an “excess return”.

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Return Seeking

MVT Capital’s return-seeking solutions aim to capture the anticipated returns from global growth, but with less downside risk and a more consistent return profile, using differentiated approaches. These solutions are generally long-biased and designed to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns while allowing some correlation to traditional portfolios.

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Risk Mitigating

MVT Capital seeks to understand every aspect in order to minimize its impact. First Quadrant’s risk-mitigating capabilities utilize various tools, which are designed to guard against unwanted risks in the investor’s portfolio while simultaneously targeting value-added capital appreciation.

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