Corporate and Social Responsibility

As MVT Group operates it consciously works with its neighborhood communities to identify their needs. After several group engagements, the group was able to pinpoint several crucial pillars that affect societies growth and development. These are primarily basic needs such as, education and active livelihood opportunities. The group firmly believes in giving back to society particularly investing in the youth's education.

Investment and Seminar

MVT Group believes that a society’s financial growth depends on their knowledge about wealth management and investments. This has been shown through a financial literacy statistic in South East Asia wherein the Philippines is ranked 3rd to the last in terms of financial and investment knowledge. The country that topped the survey was Singapore, having 60% of its citizens who are financially literate. The progress of Singapore’s economy has seen to be very successful due to their strong foundation on education and financial literacy. Being at the forefront of investments, the group has continually organized and supported investment seminars in the Philippines in order to spread awareness that the right time to begin investing is now.